Monday, 13 December 2010


If you're into good music and pictures of kittens then check out this blog my mate runs.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Type Specimen Leaflet Layout.

The Reflection typography project has evolved into something completely different (check out some of the work a few posts ago to see how). I ended up going down the route of waves, focusing on sound and light waves rather than water waves.

I eventually based the face on sonar and the 'echolocation' system that a bat uses because I loved the imagery in the diagrams explaining it.

This face also suited the online typography program 'fontstruct' compared to the other version I did, due to the straight lines. Have a look at the site and give it a go. Some people can do some incredible stuff using it with alot of time and patience (The best ones are done by UWE students.)

Shoes with Feelings (A2 folding page layout)

Needs some re-working, the front cover is pretty lame. Monumental Needs to be more monumental. Unattainable needs to be more unattainable. And subdued needs to be better photographed. Also the borders are gonna be changed to a single line on top or a line on top and below... Edges aren't cool.